AUDI A6 Tampil di IIMS 2016

Jikalau berkunjung terhadap IIMS thn ini, & menyaksikan ke stan Audi & VW di Hall B, tentu mata tertuju terhadap 2 mobil yg ditampilkan di sana, yg satu yaitu sang Big SUV Audi Q7, & satu lagi yakni Saloon berwarna hitam yg cantik Audi A6. 
Nyatanya, apa yg ditampilkan oleh Audi di IIMS 2016 merupakan Audi A6 version Produk Improvement, yg surprisingly, punyai tidak sedikit perbedaan dibanding version pada awal mulanya. Lewat workshop yg diadakan oleh PT. Garuda Mataram Indonesia baru-baru ini, terungkaplah sekian banyak perubahan yg dilakukan Audi pada Medium Size-saloon mereka ini. 
Histori Audi A6 sendiri berasal dari Audi 100 terhadap th 1969, di mana kategori baru ini konsentrasi kepada apa yg dinamakan dgn Progressiveness, yg searah dgn semboyan Audi yg berasal dari bahasa tagalog, eh Jerman, Vorsprung Durch Technik, atau terjemahannya : Kemajuan Melalui Technologi. Di Model terkini ini, kita akan menonton garis rancangan terupdate Audi sepert…

Last Samsung Galaxy A9 Review!

the Galaxy S six was really it's just about a year ago and ever since then
clemson has been creating many different versions of it to appeal to a very
specific groups of people and now they've just released the Galaxy a nine
is pretty much just a big Galaxy S six actually know a really big one but due
to its size you get a massive battery and access to democracy card slot
let's take a look and see if the  is exactly the phone the Samsung fans have
been waiting for
right off the bat display looks exactly like  you little closer you'll
notice the lack of the S Pen and even the lack of the curved edges on the back
so they begin to think wow this thing is pretty much a big Galaxy S six no
actually the scene looks like a huge Galaxy S six now when I think huge I'm
not kidding this is a much bigger phone that even the note  due to this
gigantic six-inch screen so you have this phone can be quite cumbersome to
hold but thanks to a slim top and bottom bezel is not too much…

The rupiah is down, the momentum for exports of Indonesia?

The weakening of the value of the rupiah over the United States dollar, as at present, it is not always bad but can also be seen as a momentum to increase exports. And that's the expectation of the Secretary of Commerce, Rachmat Gobel, in mid-March when the average middle rate retail rupiah against the u.s. dollar of around Rp 12.842 per one us dollar and dropped again to around Rp. 13.300 for one dollar. "The weakening of the rupiah this is our momentum to increase exports," He said in a news conference at the Office of the Ministry of Trade Jakarta, at the time. Indeed in a simple export income will be larger because it means income of one us dollar will be worth more in dollars. My customer with the dollar rising, then the position of the country he is, for example in Spain, the kursnya against the dollar also weakened. He asked for a discount to us, so we also love a discount. Asih But on the field, his calculation is not as simple as that, as General Secretary of t…