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AUDI A6 Tampil di IIMS 2016

Jikalau berkunjung terhadap IIMS thn ini, & menyaksikan ke stan Audi & VW di Hall B, tentu mata tertuju terhadap 2 mobil yg ditampilkan di sana, yg satu yaitu sang Big SUV Audi Q7, & satu lagi yakni Saloon berwarna hitam yg cantik Audi A6. 

Nyatanya, apa yg ditampilkan oleh Audi di IIMS 2016 merupakan Audi A6 version Produk Improvement, yg surprisingly, punyai tidak sedikit perbedaan dibanding version pada awal mulanya. Lewat workshop yg diadakan oleh PT. Garuda Mataram Indonesia baru-baru ini, terungkaplah sekian banyak perubahan yg dilakukan Audi pada Medium Size-saloon mereka ini. 


Histori Audi A6 sendiri berasal dari Audi 100 terhadap th 1969, di mana kategori baru ini konsentrasi kepada apa yg dinamakan dgn Progressiveness, yg searah dgn semboyan Audi yg berasal dari bahasa tagalog, eh Jerman, Vorsprung Durch Technik, atau terjemahannya : Kemajuan Melalui Technologi. Di Model terkini ini, kita akan menonton garis rancangan terupdate Audi seperti yg diaplikasikan di Audi R8, & TT, yakni berupa lampu depan LED, dgn DRL berbentuk anak panah, lampu belakang yg lebih pipih pasti dgn LED serta, plus design gril depan yg lebih tegas, khas design Audi paling baru. 

Di interior, kita mampu menyaksikan system infotainment Audi generasi paling baru, yg dinamakan MIB II, serius, namanya MIB II, harga hardisk internal acer namun bukan Men In Black yah, melainkan Modular Infotainment Baukasten (atau head satuan di bahasa yg kita ngerti) yg waktu ini di lengkapi dgn Navigasi dgn peta 3D, pilihan menu dalam 3D, MMI Touch bersama predictive text input, 10 giga harddisk (buat A6 1.8 & 20 giga Utk A6 3.0), plus monitor 8-inchi yg sanggup terlipat ke dalam dashboard dikala tak difungsikan. 


Sementara utk urusan mesin, Audi A6 PI sedia dalam pilihan mesin 1.8 liter atau 3.0 liter, yg mempunyai bobot 7 kg lebih ringan, & Supercharger yg mampu diputus sementara supaya tak membebani mesin lewat suatu Magnetic Clutch dikombinasikan dgn system injeksi MPI & FSI. 

Utk transmisi, Audi A6 PI kini tukar transmisi dari Multitronic jadi 7-Speed S-Tronic, bersama system dual clutch yg mampu memindahkan gigi dibawah 0.1 detik saja (Pembalap paling cepat tertulis bakal shifting gigi dengan cara manual dalam 0.5 detik). 


Berapa harga Audi A6 PI terupdate ini? utk harga hardisk eksternal toshiba 1tb version 1.8 yg ditampilkan di IIMS 2016, Audi mematok harga se gede IDR 1.25 Milliar (On The Road), sementara buat version 3.0-nya mampu ditanyakan ke dealer Audi terdekat, atau jenguk saja Booth Audi di IIMS 2016, yg tinggal tersisa sekian banyak hri lagi saja.

Minggu, 03 April 2016

Last Samsung Galaxy A9 Review!

the Galaxy S six was really it's just about a year ago and ever since then
clemson has been creating many different versions of it to appeal to a very
specific groups of people and now they've just released the Galaxy a nine
is pretty much just a big Galaxy S six actually know a really big one but due
to its size you get a massive battery and access to democracy card slot
let's take a look and see if the  is exactly the phone the Samsung fans have
been waiting for
right off the bat display looks exactly like  you little closer you'll
notice the lack of the S Pen and even the lack of the curved edges on the back
so they begin to think wow this thing is pretty much a big Galaxy S six no
actually the scene looks like a huge Galaxy S six now when I think huge I'm
not kidding this is a much bigger phone that even the note  due to this
gigantic six-inch screen so you have this phone can be quite cumbersome to
hold but thanks to a slim top and bottom bezel is not too much taller than other
phones that have smaller screens the main thing here is an extra with the
brings a phone to . millimeters which can really make the phone hard to use
one hand it just like the standard Galaxy S six we have a very premium
design that features Gorilla Glass for we have the gold version right here
which also keeps the front black which is nice you can also pick up the  and
other unique colors like silver and pink on the back and with his extra thickness
at seven point four millimeters which is point two millimeters thinner than the
no  we have a camera sensor the purchase a little less probably one of
the most noticeable differences between the Galaxy a nine and thus more popular
S six and five companions is this weight this phone is heavy at  brands is the
first thing that stuck out to me as I picked up the phone for the first time
but this really isn't a huge issue although at this large dimensions it can
feel a little imbalance when maneuvering around your hands now there is a reason
for this extra weight and that's due to the  strike can take four dozen
million power battery with the way this battery performs as we'll find out later
on it definitely makes up for this huge and heavy design something has always
been known for beautiful displays under smartphones and in most areas to God CA
nine is no exception
like I said the  offers a very large six inch display which makes this phone
the ultimate media consumer washing videos is a joy thanks to all this extra
room and browsing the web makes for a very pleasant experience
Samsung of course still stuck to their Super AMOLED technology here along with
their post of colors to create very vibrant images however as we look at the
display specs here you'll notice one area where the end
on possible short and that this resolution a  by  issue
resolutions still make sure great resolution on most smartphones today
with the Sixers display like the one here on the  it makes for a rather low
pixel density at three hundred and sixty-seven PPI so text will appear
fuzzy even holding the phone at a normal using distance and you'll definitely
notice images are not too sharp but all this being said I can confidently say
this display is gorgeous as I really do love great AMOLED displays and saturated
colors sure the resolution doesn't make for the clearest viewing experience with
less pixels to push well this is why I'm so excited to get to the battery section
like most of simpson's line of these days we had the beloved fingerprint
scanner which is located on the physical home button which is located between the
capacitive buttons is that the same place for it because you can access it
at any time although it can be a little awkward compared to rear facing sensor
you still have to push the home button for the fingerprint scanner to begin
reading but it's still super fast and very accurate only feeling to read my
print maybe once in every  yes in addition to this fingerprint scanner we
have samsung pay which will work perfectly with the  this speaker is
still located on the bottom right which is a pretty bad place for it
giving the sound is directed away from you and can easily be covered up when
holding the phone and landscape for videos or gains the quality is decent is
as good as the standard US six it gets loud and it's pretty clear with a small
amount of compression to it finally a very welcomed addition is a microSD card
slot allowing up to  gigs of storage you can access a thought here which
pulls out a rather large trade thanks to the phones dual SIM card capabilities
this St course I had been missing on the Galaxy S six and no  which caused a
great amount of controversy in the tech world so it's very promising to see
Samsung include there's while still maintaining a premium design and perhaps
this is a little foreshadowing for the future as well as we rented the specs
you'll notice a very different look as here we have Snapdragon processors and
Adreno GPU use instead of Exodus processors and Mali GPUs we have been
newly renamed octa core Qualcomm Snapdragon  processor with Adreno
 and three gigs of ram and actually this set of really gets closer the
performance similar to the no  and crushes a standard at six his
performance I went to college ca  Jan  several times to get a good
understanding of how it holds up against the competition and it received very
similar ranking  handles gaming with ease with barely any dropped frames it's
very smooth the recent apps being friends very well although refreshes
absolute more than usual but you can jump in and out of apps very fast
without any hesitation really the only thing the legs up the phone is this
briefing screen you can access on the left of the home screen this is a new
though and the same can be said for other Samsung phones it's a very smooth
experience overall anyway we've made it to the battery section and if you're
thinking that a ninth text she hints towards great battery life you'd be more
than correct first off the battery on the Galaxy a nine is a four thousand
million power battery which is one of the largest on the market reno also with
a nine only sporting a full-resolution instead of quite tasty which has kind of
become the standard for five ships has a lot less pixels to push which means less
power all of this translates to phenomenal battery life the Galaxy
tonight could easily last me two full days with very decent standby time you
won't be able to kill this thing in a day especially if you're not a heavy
gamer I could easily manage up to eight hours of screen on time which is pretty
remarkable especially for someone like me who is constantly taking pictures if
you take advantage of Samsung's battery saving options are you begin to get low
this number will drastically increase by up to another hour there was really
never need for me to charge nine overnight and if the fun did begin to
get low on battery towards the end of the second day I could easily traded up
enough to last me the rest of the day and fast to with this quick charge .
capabilities the camera has been downgraded from the standard Galaxy S
six but still pictures they have a small sensor size of  megapixels however in
a patrol . is still present
unfortunately optical image stabilization is here as well to take
advantage of the full  megapixels will have to resort to shooting in a
four-to-three aspect ratio and with enough light the camera performs very
well there's some post-processing shopping going on there really helps
create shoplifting pictures and colors look very vibrant but it can struggle
with dynamic range and lots of the tool can get lost within the shadows over
exposure is very common for this camera especially on these overcast days but
it's the artist a great job of fixing the and remaining realistic-looking
indoor shot to have less light will start to create very dull images with
not much color and lots of noise and artifacts the front facing camera
actually sports a larger megapixel count but its standard counterpart
megapixels instead of five
the difference in detail is actually noticeable while the Essex itself became
like lots of detail the eighty-nine produces a great amount of detail with
everything being very sharp which is nice
the lenses wide-angle does well agree used to which we love at the helps get a
lot of information in the shot so it's a little bit of an unusual case with the
rear facing camera being downgraded all the front-facing camera seems to be the
same or slightly better either way the a nice camera quality is very good but the
Galaxy S six still has a beat
probably the biggest shock when it comes to the a nine is that although at this
time being released in January of this year it was not released with Andrew
Marsh mellow but instead Android . . lollipop perhaps Samsung is still
texting their marginal version of TouchWiz or maybe want to say before the
gods  announcement but for now we have the version of TouchWiz that we've
been familiar with for about a year now a pretty simple skin of Android with a
couple of cool features drone in the notification pulldown is nicely designed
if you don't mind the color choice settings allows for quick settings to be
assigned to easy-access there is little went to support which is great and very
well although you'll be limited to certain acts sure there are some areas
that may need work like the small stutter that have to do with the home
screen images but hopefully this can be fixed with Samsung releases their
martial aversion for the email
with the Galaxy a nine showing % of its design DNA with the Galaxy S
definitely raise the question should I go with the  is going to be the
biggest difference between the two
the galaxy and I is one of the largest phones on the market right now with this
huge six inch screen and although it's an awesome sight for viewing videos
the low resolution may steer some users away however if you can get past this
Laura pixel density you really love the amount of power feeds to produce amazing
battery life obviously there's something you couldn't say about that as six the
camera definitely is a noticeable downgrade but if you're not comparing
a nice photos will do just fine for a $ phone with great overall
performance battery life and finally access to democracy car sought the
galaxy in nine looks like it could begin to put them back on top when it comes to
creating phones for the power user and that is it for the Samsung Galaxy
preview make sure you guys let me know what you think of this song in the
comments below and also head on over to our website and read a  . com for the
full in-depth review we can check out cool things like camera samples and
other stuff like that and last but not least make sure you subscribe to our
channel and Rita  because we are your source for all things Android

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The rupiah is down, the momentum for exports of Indonesia?

The weakening of the value of the rupiah over the United States dollar, as at present, it is not always bad but can also be seen as a momentum to increase exports.
And that's the expectation of the Secretary of Commerce, Rachmat Gobel, in mid-March when the average middle rate retail rupiah against the u.s. dollar of around Rp 12.842 per one us dollar and dropped again to around Rp. 13.300 for one dollar.
"The weakening of the rupiah this is our momentum to increase exports," He said in a news conference at the Office of the Ministry of Trade Jakarta, at the time.
Indeed in a simple export income will be larger because it means income of one us dollar will be worth more in dollars.
My customer with the dollar rising, then the position of the country he is, for example in Spain, the kursnya against the dollar also weakened. He asked for a discount to us, so we also love a discount.
But on the field, his calculation is not as simple as that, as General Secretary of the Association explained Pertekstilan Indonesia, fire, Ernovian.
"The problem of raw materials we will still use the dollar, such as chemicals, we will still import of all chemicals that. So if the weakened rupiah with this sort of lucky, yes dont too. "
"Unless all the raw materials from within the country," added Ernovian.
Ask for pieces of
Needs imported raw materials also experienced by the Compassion of Jedok Stone Work in Yogyakarta, export handicraft of stone and timber to Asia, Europe, and the United States.
"Just the same, kursnya up but our production costs right also goes up. Like glue, that's right join up. "
For Compassion there is still another problem, because some customers are asking for discounts in some countries in regard to the value of the local currency also decreased over the u.s. dollar.

Some costs to terminals, according to the API, also from Ernovian still use the dollar.
"My Customer with the dollar rising, then the position of the country he is, for example in Spain, the kursnya against the dollar also weakened. He asked for a discount to us, so we also love a discount, "clear Compassion.
So the declining value of the rupiah against the dollar may not necessarily be a factor advantages for entrepreneurs who export their products.
Furthermore there's more resistance the economic slowdown in the country's export products of Indonesia origin recipients, economic observers as described from Gajah Mada University Revrisond Baswir, Dr.
"If that goes down it's only dollars, other conditions remain, then usually the weakening of rupiah will be followed by an increase in the amount of exports."
So as a result the weakening rupiah did not immediately lead to the opening of opportunities to boost exports.
Revrisond Baswir Dr
But the current situation is that along with the weakening of the rupiah, also happens to recession in the export destination countries, such as China and the European countries.
"So as a result the weakening rupiah did not immediately lead to the opening of opportunities to boost exports," stated Dr. Revrisond.
Terms of quality
Association for textiles, added Secretary General Ernovian, API, there is also a difference in value when selling and buying when the dollar is high in Indonesia so most of them choose to Transact in Singapore.
And when making transactions in the country even if it turns out that the dollar is still required.
"The first time out of the Bank Indonesia regulations that all buying and selling in the country must be with the rupiah. But there are still some STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES that use the dollar, such as the terminal handling charge and the exchange rate is not obvious, even kursnya high and get to Rp 14,000. "
"Then the sales gas to the domestic also still use the dollar. If you want it, everything has to be assertive, "Ernovian rupiah.
The rupiah

In a matter of a simple, drop in the value of the rupiah over the dollar would lead to an increase in revenues from exports.
But suppose, problems are already described above can be removed, nonetheless boost exports indirectly could be realized, especially for new products.
Because a number of countries setting the quality standards of quality that must be met, as described former Deputy Bsn BSN, Dr. Sunarya, who is now a consultant for the export.
"We'll have food problems for example, genjot it we have to be ready just yet to condition and desire in their markets. As with other products, "explains Dr. Sunarya who confirmed this time practically no more buying and selling who don't pay attention to the quality.
"So if mutunya does not fit ya can't. The price is as cheap as any, for example we are selling cheap because the rupiah us down but if mutunya not met, yes obviously cannot enter. "
While the effort to meet the requirements of export quality in certain countries requires time, though admittedly the consciousness and ability of employers Indonesia will be the standard of quality is already better.